30+ Pages of Essay Writing = Delusional Sleep Deprived Cindy

good morning everyone it’s 10 o’clock now so I ended up staying up till 6 o’clock in the morning and I had a vlog clip at like 5:00 in the morning but I actually just deleted it now my camera that’s how much I’m just functioning right now now but I showered I’m wearing this cute D G tank so it’s like a little anchor like the Adid like adidas kind of looking thing it’s like DG oh yeah I’m struggle that little cute so well my shirt is cute this is yeah now I just showered yeah I’m gonna get some breakfast it’s ten o’clock I have class from 12:00 to 5:00 and I’m my first final at 2:00 so I’m just gonna eat real quick probably take me about 40 minutes and then just going to study like an hour in something yeah am i doing the month oh yeah like an hour and something and then go to class yeah it’s gonna be really long day my eyes are already like wool Singh’s doing some coffee and me and yeah let’s go okay everyone some a little sausage like egg cheese McMuffin and then my coffee this is the first time I’ve ever like made coffee for myself like I brewed it like not brewed it really probably I poured out makes the creamer sugar ratio so I don’t know usually I get them like pre-made since I’m not really much of a coffee drinker but desperate times call for desperate measures everyone so it’s 12 o’clock I got to head to my final in like 5-10 minutes it’s at 12:30 or not final class and then I have my final at 2 o’clock and yeah I finished my little note card thing were a lot of bringing a little like note card notes so yeah I got that going for me this is this is geography and like study of race ethnicity ethnicity and cities and how it affects like social life economics and politics and there’s math can’t escape it okay I’m starting to get delusional to copy stuff listening in like I’m energetic I’m tired so like my body’s conflicted it’s like you’re tired but your inner it’s confused so but I feel coffee I feel really confident about the final like I’m not stressing out about that at all I’m only stressing about the two papers that are due tomorrow so no sleep tonight probably so sad everyone so I finished my poly class and then I have 40 minutes until my final so I just went in ask some questions and I feel really prepared for it things are looking good soon some last-minute review and other stuff but it was looking good I’m just a little I’m still terrified because paper think I do tonight me rap but bring the drink lots of coffee and read me really energetic it’s me great then after this tomorrow at 5 p.m. I’m Libby’s gonna knock out and it’s gonna be fabulous so trying to keep people updated ok everyone is like crazy because the Sun is low just blinding me right now as I’m walking into the sunset but I finished what I finished class today and I just have one more like an hour of class tomorrow and then I’m done with class this quarter which is crazy now the real work begins my two papers so it’s gonna be really long interesting vlog of just random shenanigans probably like yesterday as we procrastinate slightly slightly though because it’s just gonna be a lot of stud mine is studying it’s writing my essay now so it’s just writing two papers so at least 27 pages that’s right tonight because one paper has to be 12 to 20 and then one has to be at minimum 15 so this is going to be rough and it’s go suck but we hang it through it it’s gonna be good so I’ll go ahead and just blog or all of you all later alright everyone so I got a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich coming over there hold on focusing focusing focusing there you go has a brisket sandwich just gonna get the workout brief finish eating so yeah okay everyone so it’s 950 and I’m working on my papers so tonight I think already set in blog C I don’t remember like what I said have to write a total of 27 pages minimum it’s gonna be a lot of work not including like work site and stuff like that here’s Emily so for my first paper which has to be 12 to 20 pages long I’m at page 7 so almost there I’m going to do that and then gonna do the other one which the other one is the hard one this one is cool because it’s about YouTube and like how that affects media and all that jazz so this one’s interesting this one’s easy but the other one is going to be hard be a long night okay everyone it’s 11:30 still working on this and I go myself a large coffee gonna need this tonight yep got a big cookie and pizza of course it’s one of those nights it is one of one of those nights well Emily studying she’s being productive this is good oh yeah it’s 3:00 in the morning life sucks I have so much coffee and caffeine and me oh oh oh like I’m gonna die Ewing is working Calvin’s working I’m working huh well I hate you guys all right well the robe on read it and I’m dying it’s okay I have 14 more hours until my papers due so team no sleep team I hate life update it’s 4:45 in the morning there’s no one in the lounge it’s just me working tired struggling scared panicking yeah all right everyone at six o’clock dying tired mmm okay everyone it’s 9:15 clearly it’s so bright outside even though it’s really cloudy actually it’s supposed to rain all day are not all day but portion of the day um yeah still not done I accidentally fell asleep for good two and a half hours I think it’s like two and half three hours so kind of screw it’s 11 o’clock I’m only on page five ten more pages to go I have about five hours I hate life this was so difficult why did I do this to myself why did I just have that so much stuff this week and why did I procrastinate and I hate life Oh friends are there doing work or not never mind he’s on YouTube ha ha all right everyone it’s is it I mean I guess it’s not the best prosciutto but alright anyways your Calvin Islands one o’clock when she’s over there she’s getting work done — you’re all struggling you guys I’m still struggling it’s one o’clock I haven’t eaten in over 13 hours so Calvin look lovely enough to bring me food so I don’t faint because my stomachs growling and I’m kind of dying but yeah couple more hours to go homestretch it’s two o’clock I don’t know when the last time I updated you all but it’s raining this one it’s raining outside do you know that means I have to walk and turn in my paper in the rain that’s so depressing not excited but so close hopefully I’ll be done in like two hours it’s 242 I have about another page to go and I’m done and then my 15 page paper we precisely like like 18 pages 19 pages long because work cited title page and all that jazz so so close it’s so far I’m so exhausted like my whole body is like contorted because like I’ve been sitting here for so long I have like sitting all these new different position just like my blood flowing and so my muscles don’t ache even though I’m tired so I feel like just a blob and it’s still raining so I still have to walk in the rain oh life I just realized I didn’t upload a vlog for yesterday so I’m actually going to start doing that right now I finished my paper and I’ll edit upload the vlog before I head out but I just realized I’d to do that I should probably do that then and I’ll just continue this blog after this point so we hope you all enjoyed this blog and you can watch tomorrow’s vlog to continue to see me suffer yeah I’ll talk to you later bye

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